Rodent Control

Redundant drainpipes, or old connections that are no longer used provide an excellent environment for rats to thrive. We provide qualified pest control services, specialising in rodents and pest removals. Perhaps your property, or a nearby dwelling, has been extended at some stage? This could potentially mean that some, if not all of the original drains are not being used for their original purpose.

Redundant drain pipes are dry environments where rats can live and breed. They also offer direct and easy access to the main drains that lead to your house and carry food waste that is flushed away from every kitchen sink. Rats can even gain entry into your house directly through the drain pipe! Our qualified pest control experts will diagnose the problem, remove the rodents in a safe and humane way, then put protections in place deter future infestations.

What happens when you contact us:
  • We will discuss the problem over the phone
  • At a mutually agreed time, our rodent control expert will inspect the problem areas.
  • When required, a CCTV survey will inspect areas that cannot be accessed in person.
  • The rodent control expert will identify source(s) of rodent infestation.
  • The source problem can then be fixed with a range of pest control options, depending on the individual scenario.
  • For more serious problems, we will put a range of short term measures in place in order to reduce the infestation to a controllable level
  • We will then place anti-rodent guards and deterrents in key areas to prevent future occurences.

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